Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My rubbish story

Rubbish can have germs rubbish can kill Animals. Rubbish can go to sea from wind put your rubbish in the bins.We want our future to be clean we do not want our future to be dirty we don’t want grems going thru town and cities floods. Can push the rubbish into the sea and kill the fish.Our rubbish can go down drain into the sea. We need to go clean up our river so no fish die and our land animals don’t die from rubbish that goes to the farms and paddocks. People need to throw rubbish away properly. People need to pick up their rubbish and clean up the rubbish as much as they can and recycle food scraps and tin cans.We recycle food scraps to pigs and then we wait until they get fat so we can kill them and eat them.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Lost in the forest

There was a family in the forest, they could see a shiny beam of light  to an old, moss covered abandoned house. Mum doesn't want to go near it,  but they didn’t know where else to go. There were five paths and they decided to go down the dirty gravelled one straight towards the house.  They see a pile of dirty human bones sitting in the corner of the bedroom and mum said "We should split up in the house so we can find a room to stay in". The son gets kidnapped by someone wearing a dark woollen beanie while he was looking around in the house. The rest of the family gets scared. Dad tries to call for help but he had no reception on his phone.

Later that day there was another boy that came to the house. He had blonde, straight hair he was skinny and he was tall. He was by the house looking but quickly left because he saw the family looking out the window at him. He got scared. The family went outside and they saw dark red bloody eyes in the forest looking towards the house. Wire traps were all around the forest set by a serial killer who wanted to catch people who went near the house.

The other boy who was playing hide and seek also arrived at the house. He thought that the house was not abandoned and then goes inside. He gets scared because there were spiderwebs and bones on the floor.

Then the family left the abandoned house and went on the 5th path and found there house and there friends and families were there then they say “we promise not to go in the forest ever again”. Then they tell everyone what happened to them in the abandoned house.

this was fun to do because we didn't need to make all happy story's we can make whatever type of story we wanted.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Max's writing term 2

This is about how bad our rubbish is

Did you know some types of rubbish is bad because it has poison and chemicals in it?   
Animals can die from plastic in water and land.some Rubbish can’t
break down and it can go down in drains and goes out into the river.
Rubbish is bad because we saw some rubbish in the river in Kawakawa.

At School we had to go to the river to pick up the rubbish.
down there some of the rubbish had sunk deep into the water so we couldn’t grab it.
We saw plastic tin cans use able tools and a 4 square trolley.  
There was rubbish laying on the ground and sticking on walls

Pick rubbish up and make our land clean rubbish can make our land dirty and ugly.  
So what would you do if you saw rubbish on the ground?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Number frames

We had to work on number frames it was hard because i didn't know how to break up the number and. my friends ha to help me to break up my number.

Friday, March 2, 2018

i am poem

I am Max
I am Max
I wonder if there is going to be the future
I hear a pig on kingan
I see hawaii  
I want to go to hawaii
I am Max

I pretend to be a cop
I feel the sky  
I touch a cloud
I worry that i am going to get a beat up
I cry at  a tangi
I am Max

I understand rich people
I say that monster trucks
I dream about going to hawaii
I try to do work with my nan
I hope to learn
I am Max

this is my i am poem where i show you about what i think and do