Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My rubbish story

Rubbish can have germs rubbish can kill Animals. Rubbish can go to sea from wind put your rubbish in the bins.We want our future to be clean we do not want our future to be dirty we don’t want grems going thru town and cities floods. Can push the rubbish into the sea and kill the fish.Our rubbish can go down drain into the sea. We need to go clean up our river so no fish die and our land animals don’t die from rubbish that goes to the farms and paddocks. People need to throw rubbish away properly. People need to pick up their rubbish and clean up the rubbish as much as they can and recycle food scraps and tin cans.We recycle food scraps to pigs and then we wait until they get fat so we can kill them and eat them.