Thursday, November 10, 2016

eye beach


  1. pretty cool but why did u just put a p in it

  2. i dont like that cause love it jokes

  3. Hello Max!
    I am Elias from Rimu Class at Yaldhurst Model School.
    That is a very cool eye cave. Did you make it at home or at school?
    The music in the background is weird.
    My only complaint is that the post has no description which isn't good because the description is the key to a good post.
    From Elias.

  4. Hi max
    its me eben from yaldhurst model school
    my complaint is that there was no explaning what is the eye beach
    how did you make it
    From Eben

  5. Hello Max,
    That is an interesting piece of art you got there, also that music in the background has a bit of rap in it.

    Jacob M
    Yaldhurst Model School

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  6. Hello Max my name is Jaerok that art work that you did looks amazing it is colourful like a rainbow. The song is cool that you did in the background was cool.

  7. Hello Max,
    My name is Hannah and I'm from Mamaku 1 Grey Main School.
    That is a very interesting eye beach you have there. Why did you make this eye beach and did it have a meaning? Why did you make it on I think it was a cool looking thing and is very interesting.

    Bye, from Hannah

  8. Kio ora Max, Jasmine from Mamaku at Grey Main School. I really liked how you how you put a video with it showing what it looked like. Next time you could explain why you made it and how you felt in the process. How did you feel when you were making your eye beach?

  9. Kia ora Max, I liked the way you made your own musically video about eye beach. Next time you could maybe make it a bit longer. I remember when I made my own musically. Why did you make this musically? Noho ora Mai Stanley.

  10. Kia Ora Max my name is Levi C from Grey Main school I like how your telling me about your eye beach comment I think it's cool maybe next time you could work on some more time for the video

  11. Hi it is Sophie from st patrick school I like how you made your eye beach mabe next time you could say how you made it bye.

  12. Hi max this is Olivia i like your eye beach maybe next time you could tell us a little bit about it