Friday, May 11, 2018

Max's writing term 2

This is about how bad our rubbish is

Did you know some types of rubbish is bad because it has poison and chemicals in it?   
Animals can die from plastic in water and land.some Rubbish can’t
break down and it can go down in drains and goes out into the river.
Rubbish is bad because we saw some rubbish in the river in Kawakawa.

At School we had to go to the river to pick up the rubbish.
down there some of the rubbish had sunk deep into the water so we couldn’t grab it.
We saw plastic tin cans use able tools and a 4 square trolley.  
There was rubbish laying on the ground and sticking on walls

Pick rubbish up and make our land clean rubbish can make our land dirty and ugly.  
So what would you do if you saw rubbish on the ground?

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