Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Number frames

We had to work on number frames it was hard because i didn't know how to break up the number and. my friends ha to help me to break up my number.


  1. Hi Max,
    My name is Reitu and I am a year 8 in Te Ngahere at Paihia School. Your number frame post looks cool. I think you did a great job at adding numbers.

    Why did your class have to do maths posts?

    Thanks for posting,
    Reitu Kenny Mckibbin

    1. Thank you i needed so much help from my friends. i didn't know how to do it that much

  2. Hello my name is Sam and i am 9 years old and i go to st pats. WOWW you are good at this staff i mit not know it but it looks like you did really really well. okay byee :-)

    1. thank you for your nice comment on my maths me and my friend helped and talked about how to do our maths.
      okay blog you later